Meet Our Trainer

Laura Pauls
Resident Trainer



With almost a decade of experience, Laura has worked with many type horses and riders helping them to achieve their goals, whether its showing or confidence on the trail or the skills to chase a cow.

She is known for tailoring each lesson to the needs of the student, creating a better bond between her student and their horse.

For horse training, contact Laura Pauls @ 253.632.2932

Trainers and Instructors of your choice are always welcome at Lazy M.  

Trainers are asked to follow all of the barn's rules and provide proof of liability insurance.


* All payments for lessons and training due at the beginning of the month. Lessons can be rescheduled, schedule permitting, with a 24 hour notice from student.Lessons will need to be made up before the end of the current month unless it is the last week of the month then it will be carried over to the following month.

Private Lesson     $50 per lesson (own/leased horse) 

Weekly 1 hour lessons, prepaid 1st of the month. This is the package price of $200.00. Onetime individual lessons are $65 apiece.

Full Time Horse Training               $350.00 per month
Full time training is offered to any horse boarded at Lazy M. Training will be focused on the specific needs of the horse and rider. Your horse will be worked 4 days a week, one of those days being a required lesson with the owner. Session will usually last 1 hour but may vary due to the horses individual needs. This is intended to successfully pass your horse off to you once the training time has ended. 

Part Time Horse Training               $300.00 per month

This training is intended for horses that need a general tune up and riding time. Preferably only horses that have completed a month of full time training will be accepted in to a part time training program. With evaluation by the trainer, horses that have not been in previous training may be accepted. Your horse will be worked 3 days a week, with the option of having one of those days being a lesson.

Exercise Program                   $25.00/day
This is a great program for anyone going on vacation for a while and would like their horse to be kept in shape. Also this is a good option for people that can't come out and see their horse that much due to other arrangements.

Other Horse Services -
these services are included if horse is in full or part-time training
Basic Lunging & Groomng: $15.00/half hour
Holding Horse for Farrier: Barefoot: $10.00 Shoes:$15.00
Holding Horse for Vet: $10.00 (pending procedure)
Other: $5.00-$20.00 (pending on time spent)