It all started with one white Arabian mare named Annie, a few nails, a little determination and a lot of hard work...

Annie the little arab that started it all

Our History

Lazy M Stables was started by caring and knowledgeable horse people Billene and Ron McClung. The advent of the ranch came about in 1992 when "Grandma" purchased a beautiful Arab for her ten year old granddaughter. The McClungs searched all over for a place to keep her; finally they stumbled onto this five acre tract.

At that time all that was here was a neglected arena and a tiny 3 bedroom house. The rest of the grounds consisted of weeds and blackberry bushes; it was not a pretty sight. The McClung's looked past the falling down facility and the weeds and had visions of a full facility boarding stable. Starting with five horses, they began a lot of hard work. The facility, as it is now, just evolved. Some of the most important factors in the design of this facility were the safety of horse and rider, environmental concerns and to incorporate this plan within budget. We strive to consistantly give top care to the horses and facility.

When we started in this venture our knowledge of this business was narrow, over the years we have learned so much. Several of our horse owners have been with us from the startup and have taught us a lot about horses and their specialized needs. We believe it was our many years in business that has helped with the success of this ranch

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Where we are now


Now we have two 50' x 70' indoor arenas and a large lighted outdoor arena. There are many Stalls, pastures and paddocks around the facility. That little 3 bedroom house is now a beautiful 3 stall barn. In consideration of the environmental needs the horse compost is hauled off site once a week for recycling. Our facility has consistently stayed clean and is an enjoyable place for all of our "Barn Family"

Some of those original boarders who helped us start this stable are still boarders today. We are so happy to see the versatility of our boarders. Many of our boarders attend shows (both gaming and pleasure riding) to cheer eath other on. Some do a lot of trail riding. All disciplines of riding are welcome here at Lazy M Stables. One can usually find some of the kids working their English and Western Pleasure for the 4H shows on the weekends in one arena. In the other arena you can probably find a big QH and his owner going over their gaming patterns. One thing that you will always find a Lazy M stables is a lot of wonderful children and adults having a great time with their horses.


Annie with Melissa, Billene's Granddaughter, in 2005.  The two of them are the reason Lazy M exists as it does today.  To provide a safe and fun place for young riders and their horses.